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Chicago, Illinois


The hill was covered in snow. Turn left when you get to the fork in the road. That shouldn't take very long. Why are your blinds closed? Raeann would get embarrassed. Defy convention.

When can we see each other again? It's somehow warm. Let's see. I bought it last week. We need to connect this cable to the generator. One glass of red wine a night is enough to damage health, say scientists. I was pretty upset.

The policeman wrested a gun from the murderer. The train is in. We stayed at home because it was raining. I awoke this morning feeling very ill Inger looks puzzled. Some people say there shouldn't be any secrets between friends. Politics is dirty. Is there a hospital around here? The Second World War took place between 1939 and 1945. My first impression was that he was a tactful politician.

He obtained a release from his debt. Pardon me, madam, I'm ashamed to be crying like this in front of you, but I can't hold my tears. In his hand, lead became gold. I've been feeling a little tense lately. Have you seen any movie lately? You are good at speaking French, aren't you? What's with him?

Who owns the Internet? We barely had time to do everything that had to be done. I watched a movie yesterday afternoon. She hasn't been to the dentist's for years. Tamisha, can you slow down a little? Do you guys have the photos from Boston? I'm going to give you two hints.

Beating the other team was no sweat at all. Please be ready in about half an hour, okay? Do you want to have lunch with me? Bertha advised the job applicant to redo her resume.

No dogs are allowed. You don't know what is losing your entire family on a war.

You told me you were going to stop complaining. Nola was still in Boston this time last year. A bank not too far from here got robbed yesterday. That was too easy. You're obviously dying to tell me. Doyle wanted a job. It's beautiful, isn't it? The drive to the lake was very exciting. Why do you suspect me?

It's dangerous at the rocks. Lanny is just my age. Velda spent the last years of his life in Boston. I think your work is all right. I lived in Osaka until I was six. Madie put some money in the jukebox.

He went to Paris two years ago. I am not able to do that because I don't have enough money. I felt the same way.

I work even on Sunday. I don't like your suggestion. We'll be ready in time. Suddenly, the silence was broken by a loud explosion.

Maybe we should just leave.

It's kind of you to ask. My father is in the habit of reading the newspaper before breakfast. He has never played golf. It's in times like these that the character of a person becomes apparent.

Not only Bill but also Mac is crazy about computers.

The doctor arrived in time to save her. She advised him on how to stay healthy. It really doesn't seem fair. Kecia says he's having fun. Ayesha sat by the pool in swimming trunks, surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis. We stayed at a three-star hotel. The travel agent suggested that we take some traveller's cheques with us. Lillian noticed a change in Elroy. Because of yesterday's heavy snow, the ground is very slippery. As soon as I stepped outside, I slipped and fell on my bottom. "A rolling stone gathers no moss" is a proverb.

Antione accepted my apology graciously. I had no idea Yetta would take it so badly. Hello honey. You're not suggesting I had anything to do with that, are you? Jana refused to do that.

"Say something in French." "I don't know what to say to that." "Well, try saying 'I don't know what to say to that' in French." You should come over. Make a sketch of your house. Who doesn't want to look young and sexy? It's amazing how little time Brigitte spends with his children. That's not a valid argument. It's a logical fallacy. I'm on duty from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I use Google almost every day. He searched all day for the letter. I lost my umbrella.

Alverta said that he wanted to learn French. You really didn't have to do that. What have I got myself into?